6/17 Corn roasting in the oven smells like Pop Tarts in the toaster. 6/29 Dreamt that I was texting. Woke myself up and found my hands in the air, texting … Continue reading

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The Man in the Moon

Thursday night: the 9:45 bus home from the fair. It’s a party and it’s standing room only. Coveted midway prizes– giant stuffed bees and Rastafarian bananas the size of small children– … Continue reading

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If They Can’t Take a Joke…

One of my father’s favorite phrases was, “If they can’t take a joke, fuck ’em.” I’d be worried about how my fifth grade class would receive my latest oral book … Continue reading

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You know those people who can’t poop in public restrooms? Maybe you are one yourself. You feel like whoever else is in there can somehow see your poop face through … Continue reading

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Chasing Popsicles

I spent much of my childhood trailing after my neighbor, a bossy girl three years my senior with a slightly sadistic nature.  If we were a little bit older and … Continue reading

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The Story About the Dog

One of us kids must have asked for a dog.   Mom and Pop thought that we shouldn’t be deprived the way they were when they were young,  so they … Continue reading

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Bad Musicians Play Songs of Love

That rush of adrenaline when you finish peeing in the woods right before the pedestrians walk by. That surge of fear when you realize you may have caught poison ivy.

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