My two older brothers Jason and Brian, my parents and I are having family dinner at a nice restaurant. The food is good. The conversation is boring, but no one … Continue reading

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Protected: Starfish

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Game Time

They called him Spaniel. It all went back to that time in high school. There’d been a big game, and Jimmy Sprichter had scored the winning touchdown against the Blue … Continue reading

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The worst part is his nose. What are those bumpy things, are they warts? Are they some sort of skin disorder that I don’t know the name of? Why do … Continue reading

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And the biggest of all is the one that’s a little bit bent, a little bit twisted, and grew out of the trash.

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Hot Pocket Food Coma

Oh Hot Pocket Food Coma How worth it you are. You tasty gluten non vegan, mostly chemical bar. Doughy bread, parts of meat, weird sauce and fake cheese I love … Continue reading

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Slings and Arrows

Somebody’s balls were always hanging out in my house. The first thing pop did when he came home, any time, any day, was go into his room and shed his … Continue reading

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